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BW4W (By Women For Women) was established to help women entrepreneurs become more successful, and stay in business, a profitable business, longer.

Women face different challenges in business than men. Often, they don’t have confidence that they’ll succeed. They may look at their business as a hobby, or that thing they do to get “extra cash.” Or, they never got the proper education or training to manage the “business” side of their business. Many times, they’re struggling to balance family, friends, children, relationships, the house, the errands, and the business. Something has to go, and that can mean closing the business and working in a job that’s “predictable” and “safe.”

  • Are you working in a business you love, but frustrated that you’re not making the money you need?
  • Do you have a great idea, but are confused about what you need to do to make it into a real business?
  • Are you angry that you’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, and it’s not taking off the way it should?

Are you like some women who gave entrepreneurship a trial run by joining an MLM or Network Marketing Company, but deep inside, wish you could focus on your own business doing what you really want to do?

Have you decided it’s time to step up and take control of your own destiny?

We are here to help you find support, and solutions from women who have been there, and are committed to helping you succeed.

Women entrepreneursIn the works:

  • FREE networking events
  • Workshops
  • Tips, Tools, and other goodies to share on our website and blog

We are also hard at work, creating the backbone of a new community where women can safely find reliable resources, while they share, support each other, and most importantly, grow and prosper in a business they love.

To your success!


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