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About BW4W

Barbara Bailey, the Founder of BW4W, has a passion for connecting people, and believes everyone can be successful in their own business, given the right connections, resources, and support. She is highly sought after to speak on business and internet-related topics for conferences, webinars, lunch-and-learn events, business groups, and networking events, and has taught classes on “Successfully Starting Your Own Small Business” in adult education venues around the Denver Metro Area.

After many conversations with her husband about how she was often networking with women who were looking for good quality resources to help them in business, and how she wanted to help them find those resources, he suggested naming the group “By Women For Women,” because women have unique needs, and a way of giving support that is different from men in business.

BW4W was established in August, 2010, to create a community where women can find the resources and support they need to be successful in a business they love.

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