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The Policies of BW4W have been carefully crafted to insure a positive, supportive, learning environment filled with passionate, professional women entrepreneurs.


All BW4W Events are officially No Sale Zones. We want everyone to feel comfortable attending a networking event or workshop without worrying about someone pressuring them to buy something, or attempting to recruit them. By participating in BW4W, you agree to abide by this policy. You also agree that you will respect the privacy of others, and will not add their contact information to your mailing list or marketing database without asking for permission first. You also agree to treat others with honesty, respect, and professional courtesy.

This policy does not prohibit members from doing business with each other. In fact, as trusting relationships are developed, this will occur naturally. If you meet someone at an event and would like to find out more about what they do, or buy something from them, please do!


Information gathered by BW4W on this website, and at BW4W events is used only to provide you with the information or access you request. You will not be added to a mailing list without your consent. Your information will not be sold or shared with any third party unless you request us to do so.


The women who join our ranks are those who are passionate about making their dream a reality in a business they create themselves. These women know there are no shortcuts to success, and are willing to set goals and work diligently to achieve them. They know that the rewards of building a business from the ground up, and watching it grow and fluorish, are well worth all the hard work it takes to make their dream business a success.

This group is focused on helping women who have created, or plan to start, a business of their own. Because women who represent MLM’s (Matrix Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Direct Sales) companies typically don’t have the same control, or face the same challenges as women who create their own business, we will no longer accept applications from representatives in those categories, and recommend they join one of the many groups that are better suited to helping them reach their unique goals.

This policy does not mean we think MLM businesses are bad, or that the women involved with them are not nice people. Many of them are very successful, and feel they are in business to help others. Often, this goal of “helping others” means they are helping them make extra cash by joining their downline, which is not the type of help the women who create their own independent business need or want. Activities that identify an MLM company:

  • Offering commissions to recruit new distributors.
  • Business is structured around hosting parties where guests purchase product.
  • Requiring new distributors to purchase inventory or “start-up kits.”
  • Profits from sales are derived from recruited sellers (“downline”), rather than solely their own sales.
  • Commissions derived from sales moves “upline.”
  • Monetary distributions originate from funds paid by new or existing participants.
  • Businesses monitored by the Better Business Bureau, state Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, or any state or federal agency.
  • Unrealistic or unsupported promises regarding profits or return on investment.

The presence of women in MLM businesses often distracts from the friendly networking environment, as they actively look to recruit into their downline, or encourage other attendees to host parties with them. Because we can’t offer them the type of support they need to grow their business (as stated above), we have decided to limit our membership and attendance to women who are not in MLM businesses.

BW4W is a small, self-funded organization, therefore, the membership is limited to the type of women entrepreneurs who will most benefit from our programs.


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